My crave for authentic vegetarian food at consumption outlets in Sweden had pushed me into disappointments many a times. The advent of Saravanaa Bhavan to Stockholm is rather a soothing info for my tummy and soul. Having experienced the delicacy personally, i can literally feel the excitement bombarding within me on realizing its arrival.


Relishing south indian eateries only by thoughts had rather turned as a way of life in Sweden. As Saravanaa Bhavan branches in Stockholm, these thoughts gain life. With my experience, i would rate Saravanaa Bhavan as the mightiest ruler of vegetarian restaurants.


Being a gourmand has motivated me to serve my taste buds with a spread of numerous yummylicious cuisines. However, dining at Saravanaa Bhavan is regarded as the most fascinating vegetarian experience of mine

Srejith Satheesh

Saravanaa Bhavan, the name itself brings in a lot of memories of India and Indian food. Every time me and wife tour other European countries, Sarvanaa Bhavan used to be a must visit. Now getting it at the door step is not only exciting, but also emotional. Thanks for bringing Saravanaa Bhavan closer to us, missing India from now will get a soother treatment. As I personally know the team, I am sure it will deliver the best services, and finally Stockholm is blessed with a nice Indian restaurant.

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